[Web4lib] Libraries that support user tagging in OPAC?

Mike McDermott mmcderm2 at bowdoin.edu
Fri Mar 10 09:41:33 EST 2006

Wouldn't the 'tagging' be an internal function of the catalog, 
similar to subjects headings except that users could add their 
own at will?  In that case, changing the URL wouldn't break tags 
any more than it would break every other outside URL that links 
directly to items in the catalog (i.e., a link to a particular 
subject search or OCLC number).  It seems like a well thought out 
implementation of tagging would have some standard way to do 
these searches:
so that only the hostname would change.

Just spouting off the top of my head for the sake of discussion 
though... I'm interested to see what others think.


Drew, Bill wrote:
> There is one problem with tagging in OPACs.  What happens when you
> change the URL of the catalog?  This is going to happen to us this
> summer when we move to a new server and upgrade to version 16 of ALEPH.
> This is the same problem with are going to have with any persistent URLs
> people maybe using for searches.

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