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Dave Popeck dpopeck at lkwdpl.org
Sat Jul 29 09:16:08 EDT 2006

web4lib-request at webjunction.org wrote:

>This is just blue sky thinking and not pertaining to any institution in
>particular.  What if an institution wanted to gain the benefits that accrue
>to libraries that have excellent server access and support in, say, a LAMP
>(Linux / MySQL / Apache / Php & PERL) environment but had limited means and
>possibilities.  Is there any reason why something like this scenario
>wouldn't work?

Perhaps Vmware offers an interesting solution for you. One can set up a 
virtual server and get comfortable with the environment before making a 
purchase. Visit Vmware <http://www.vmware.com> and download the free 
server. The site also has community-made "appliances" that might fit the 
bill. You can easily make a LAMP server from a distribution (i.e. 
Ubuntu) or just try a pre-made LAMP appliance (see rPath LAMP 
appliance). The community also has generic desktop appliances if you 
just want to familiarize yourself with Linux. We have been using Vmware 
for testing and are happy with its ease of use and cost. Microsoft has 
also released its virtualization software as a free download, though I 
have not used it much as yet (just did a Knoppix boot with it). See 
Microsoft Virtual PC  


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