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K.G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Thu Jul 27 19:38:34 EDT 2006

> > Lastly, it is extremely foolish to hire a full time employee for
> > $100k a
> > year just to admin a few servers.  For someone that needs to manage
> > maybe 3000 to 4000 servers (the number of servers for a small hosting
> > company), that would make more sense.  You would also expect for this
> > person to travel long distances on their own time and be on call.  If
> > you hire a consultant, or a contractor for a few hours of work, $50/hr
> > does make sense.
> Hey! I was going to forward this to my bosses! :-) Tell them how
> underpaid I am.
> regards,
> ./fxk

As long as we're still relating this to the cost of doing business, which is
relevant to this discussion, I hate to tell you how low your salary has to
be in order for the *fully loaded* cost of one FTE to be no more than $100k.
That's salary, benefits (health, which could be a family plan; retirement;
etc.), training, SS, the chair he or she sits in, the computer he or she
uses, the bandwidth and space (even parking) she takes up... meatware is
expensive. That's before the meatware takes family leave or gets RSI or
falls off a chair reaching for the box of backup tapes...

Karen G. Schneider
kgs at bluehighways.com 

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