[Web4lib] blue sky thinking

Jonathan Gorman jtgorman at uiuc.edu
Thu Jul 27 16:29:48 EDT 2006

On Debian:

I should make it clear that I am fond of Debian.  (Yes, I know I had it 
twice on the "don't use while learning").  I've used it on different 
projects and for a while on my home server.  I tend to like it because for 
certain projects I can set up a very specific set of packages for it to 
use and keep track of.  Occasionally I have to venture into the Universe 
(Debian can be slow at times), but I'm pretty comfy with staying closer to 
home ;).  Ubuntu seems to cause less fustration in general.  If the 
newbie in question understands what a header file is, then I point 
them to Debian rather than another "lighter" distro that comes with most 
of the things they'll need.

Live CDs are wonderful ways of try out Linux.

And now I'll stop babbling about open source as well ;).  (One last 
complaint, foo-dev type of packages.  Give me the headers if you're going 
to be giving me the binary...yeesh.)

Jon Gorman

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