[Web4lib] PHP & MYSQL training class offered through a University or College

Heather Ebey weblibrarian at sent.com
Mon Jul 10 20:01:14 EDT 2006

Hi Barbara,
I can highly recommend eclasses.org. The class is intense, but the  
two instructors are very helpful. They will also give you an  
extension on homework assignments. I cannot praise the instructors  
too highly. I just finished their class and they are very strong on  
building secure PHP Web sites. They don't let one get away with any  
sloppiness in writing secure code.

There are six assignments, but you only need to do 5. Each week, they  
post a new assignment on Sunday night and you have a week to complete  
it. Each lesson is about 32 pages of a lecture that they wrote. They  
are very good writers. There are also chapters in a book that you  
have to read.  Each assignment consists of required parts and  
optional parts if you want to take the week's concepts one step further.

Go to <http://www.eclasses.org/> , click on open eclasses, and scroll  
down to "Introduction to PHP," which starts 8/7. If you join IWA-HWG,  
the cost is $150. I would have gladly paid $400 for this class--they  
are that good. Most intro classes do not have such a strong emphasis  
on security.

The teachers are two of the best programming teachers I have  


On Jul 10, 2006, at 9:30 AM, Barbara Blummer wrote:

> Please excuse the cross postings
> Is anyone aware of an intensive PHP & MYSQL training class which is  
> offered through a university or college in the US. I am looking for  
> a non-profit perspective on these open source technologies to gain  
> skills for creating dynamic web pages.
> Thanks. I tried google searches, but only seem to get commercial  
> ventures.
> Barbara Blummer
> Center for Computing Sciences
> bablumm at super.org
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