[Web4lib] Which Linux Distribution for a Library Web Server?

Francis Kayiwa kayiwa at uic.edu
Thu Jul 6 11:20:58 EDT 2006

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On Jul 6, 2006, at 7:17 AM, Keith D. Engwall wrote:

> Dear folks,
> I have built a linux web server for our library web site, and am  
> contemplating which distribution to use.
> Our library web site (http://libweb.catawba.edu) uses PHP and MySQL  
> primarily, but there is at least one application that currently  
> uses Perl, YAZ, and Net::Z3950.
> Currently, I'm having a go at Debian sarge.  While it has been  
> mostly successful, I've noticed that there is no deb for MySQL 5  
> and I've had some trouble installing the ZOOM Perl module, so I'm  
> wondering if I'm barking up the wrong tree, distribution-wise.
> While I've got plenty of experience with standard web design, I've  
> only scratched the surface when it comes to newer web-based  
> applications, so I want to try to go with a distribution that  
> others have used successfully.
> Any thoughts, opinions, etc., would be greatly appreciated.


You could always build the deb file for MySQL (You may actually enjoy  
the process and can submit back to the project -no really. :-))

Also have you checked backports?


I see it there.

Ultimately the curse (or blessing of Debian\GNU Linux) is it's  
inherent stability and "The Debian Way." Much like your case I have  
never found this to be a problem when dealing with upstream software  
that has cycles that are MUCH faster than Debian Stable.

Others have suggested Ubuntu Linux. I agree with them mostly because  
of the predictable "release cycle" but every time I have taken a stab  
at Ubuntu I find myself "losing" control and it isn't anything  
pinning and a dist-upgrade to Debian Etch cannot fix. :-)


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