[Web4lib] the efficacy of filtering software

K.G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Wed Jul 5 11:53:02 EDT 2006

Basically filters haven't changed much in the decade since I wrote about
them in "A Practical Guide to Internet Filters." It is more that the library
environment has changed. 

I find it a fascinating example of format bias in our profession that a
library will go to bat over the censorship of one book, but accept a level
of error in blocking on the Web that would have a couple books censored for
every range. I often hear from people who tell me that they can't get to X
site because of their library's filters, or that the newsletter I produce is
blocked because we discussed X. But then, I also hear from libraries that
say they "can't" link to my workplace's website because we have the word
"gay" on the front page. 

Here's a post I wrote over two years ago that sums up my current thinking
about filtering (apologies for the trackback spam--which I should have
filtered ;> ):


Karen G. Schneider
kgs at bluehighways.com 

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