[Web4lib] new library website

Jonathan Bloy JBloy at edgewood.edu
Thu Aug 31 16:02:35 EDT 2006

Kristen DeVoe wrote: 
>I'm interested in learning about other libraries experiences 
>introducing redesigned academic library websites.

Our library introduced a new design last August.  Similar some of the
other responses, we waited until the summer sessions were over, which
gave us a few weeks to work out any kinks before the fall semester

We did not provide any kind of preview before unveiling the new design.
Before the semester started, the library director did introduce faculty
to the new website at the annual college seminar.  It was also mentioned
in the fall issue of the library newsletter (which is distributed

The transition to the new site went very smoothly for us.  Hope that

 - Jonathan

Jonathan Bloy
Web Services Librarian
Edgewood College
Madison, Wisconsin

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