[Web4lib] web hosting service

Rick Mason rcmason at rsproductions.net
Tue Aug 29 21:17:07 EDT 2006

Hi Raumin,

It all depends on what you need/want as part of the hosting service, and 
what you are interested in spending, but I have found 
http://www.icdsoft.com/hosting.php to be a good fit for three separate 
websites that I manage.

They start at $72 for a year (with discounts for multiple accounts).  
They have been fairly responsive in the past to my questions and issues 
via their support page.

The only downside I have encountered is that they do not support webdav 
(they said that they consider it a security risk), and therefore I have 
not been able to host a group calendar on an organization's site.

I recommend that you get a variety of recommendations, then decide which 
one fits your budget and website best.

Hope this helps!


raumin dehghan wrote:
> Does anybody know of a good inexpensive web hosting service for an 
> individual?
> Thanks,
> Raumin Dehghan 

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