[Web4lib] rssify del.icio.us, citeseer google scholar...

Jorge Serrano Cobos jorgeserrano at gmail.com
Fri Aug 11 06:52:02 EDT 2006

Excuse me, dear friends:

Does anyone know how to rrsify a search into del.icio.us or other rss
directory or search engine, like this one?:


I know I can rssify a tag results page, like:

but I see nothing for a specific search, as far as I know, like google
alerts, for instance.

Any other great rss directory or service or tool could permit that?  Is
there such a service, hack or tool applied to something like cite seer,
google scholar, etc, in order to be updated about a more specific keyword
articles, theses, etc...?

Thanks in advance for your answers,

Jorge Serrano Cobos
Contents Department

Thinkepi Member
Personal Webl: http://trucosdegoogle.blogspot.com

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