[Web4lib] wiki or cms?

Keith D. Engwall kengwall at catawba.edu
Wed Aug 9 00:59:47 EDT 2006


That's an excellent point, and with all the libraries chiming in about their use of Plone, I decided to install it and try it out.

I came to the conclusion that although a CMS would provide a richer environment with better integrated tools, it might be somewhat intimidating in its relative complexity.

Perhaps Plone was a little too far on the other end of the spectrum.  It's a very impressive product, but the sheer number of features is a lot to absorb.  Those who are interested can read about my experience here: http://lamplit-librarian.blogspot.com.

At the moment, I think I'm going to try starting them on a Wiki, and depending on how comfortable they get with that, I might try stepping up to a CMS.

On the other hand, if a CMS were simple enough, it might strike the right balance.  I'll check out Joomla.



> Keith, you may want to look into a content management system like Joomla
> (joomla.com).  A wiki can still be a part of the larger CMS.  With
> Joomla you can also have calendars, RSS feeds, surveys, forums, etc., in
> addition to wikis.
 > Take a good look at what your content/information needs are to decide
> if a wiki alone will do the job or if you need something more.
> ---
> Kim Scannell
> The Center Library

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