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Keith D. Engwall kengwall at catawba.edu
Fri Aug 4 10:22:50 EDT 2006

In order to maintain a balance, you may want to include a disclaimer.  The U of Virginia Women's Center Anonymous Report Form has a disclaimer that you might be able to use as an example:


Such a disclaimer would be a good idea in any case, since there's always the potential for unforseen circumstances.  But particularly if you want the ability to trace abuses, you'd have to deliberately allow the form to be traceable.

Good luck,


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Not only an administrative headache but, I suspect, a potential liability
nightmare as well. I do think you should have some legal advice on this.

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Our Student Affairs office has asked us to create an online form that 
permits students to anonymously submit reports of harassment/intolerance 
on our campus. We're finding this request to be somewhat problematic. It 
seems misleading to claim the report is anonymous if sender info can be 
traced by our systems office. Also it is the sort of thing that is 
likely to be abused in some way. In those intstances we could be asked 
to trace the source of the abuse -- an administrative headache.

I'm interested to hear if anyone out there has fielded this kind of 
request and/or developed a solution that satisfies the needs of the 
requesting client.

Stacey Kimmel-Smith
Lehigh University
sek2 at lehigh.edu

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