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Michael McCulley drweb at san.rr.com
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Not open source, Jim, but check out the handling of your needs by
EventKeeper's EK Rooms..

$250/year per library..

    * Room reservations requests made online. anytime
    * View room usage before making a request
    * Patrons select from room setups pre-defined by your library
    * Equipment reservations can be made at the same time
    * Conflict checking to avoid double booking
    * Easy approval of reservations by library staff
    * Choose to include the event on your public EventKeeper calendar


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>The Center for Instructional Technology at Duke has, over the past few
>years, developed a home-grown event management and 
>registration system that
>we use to publicize and manage the registration for various 
>events that we
>sponsor (presentations, workshops, annual Showcase, etc.).  
>There is now
>interest in having a system like this available for use library-wide.
>Before jumping in and altering our existing home-grown CIT 
>system to meet
>this expanded need, we wanted to see if there are other tools out there
>(preferably open source) that could meet our needs just as well or even
>So, I thought I'd query this list and see how other folks are 
>handling this
>need, especially if you have a system or tool that you think does a
>particularly good job at this.  I imagine there are a number 
>of tools out
>there that could handle event calendaring -- it's the event 
>piece (signing up for an event, maintaining a waiting list if the event
>fills up, recording attendance, handling walk-ins, etc.) that 
>I think may
>be more difficult to find.
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