[Web4lib] converting MP3 to streaming audio

John Millard millarj at lib.muohio.edu
Tue May 31 13:07:58 EDT 2005

We've been using the free mod_mp3 module for apache to dynamically  
create the m3u file from a single mp3 and stream it.  A little php  
script sets it all up.
The advantage is that all you need to do is create the MP3 and let  
mod_mp3 do the rest.

Here's the code we use (with comments):

$string = "$mp3_path_and_filename;
     #The absolute path to the mp3 file

$string = md5($string);
     #creates the md5 hash that mod_mp3 uses

header("Location: http://audio.lib.muohio.edu:8000/?op=m3u&song= 
     #redirects to the mod_mp3 streamer listening on port 8000


Hope that helps,

John Millard
Digital Initiatives Librarian
Miami University Libraries
Oxford, OH 45056

On May 31, 2005, at 12:40 PM, Breakall, Scott wrote:

> John,
> The simplest way to accomplish this is to upload the MP3 file to  
> your server, then create an M3U (playlist) file that points to the  
> MP3 and upload it, and create a link on your web page to the M3U  
> file.  The user clicks on the link to the M3U file, which calls up  
> the MP3 file and actually starts the stream.  The MP3 file will be  
> loaded and played in the user's default MP3 player (could be WMP,  
> RealPlayer, iTunes, Winamp, etc.).
> Detailed instructions for creating the M3U file can be found near  
> the bottom of this page (#1 Google hit for "mp3 stream m3u"):
> http://www.transom.org/tools/webaudio/200403.mp3_streaming.html
> ~Scott~
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> Hi,
> I am making an MP3 file available for download from our website. We  
> would also like to make the file available as streaming audio to  
> allow users to listen to portions of the file without having to  
> download the entire file first.
> How can I convert this file to streaming audio?
> Also, I would like the file to be available as streaming audio to  
> users of Windows Media Player. I wish to avoid forcing people to  
> download additional software such as Real Player (Windows Media  
> Player comes pre-packaged with the Windows Operating System which  
> many computers run
> anyway) to access the file in this way. Is this possible?
> Finally, to deliver streaming audio, is special software required  
> on the server or is it simply a matter of uploading the file on the  
> web server and creating a link that will point to it?
> Any ideas would be most welcome.
> Regards
> John
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