[Web4lib] Re: Favorite Free Web Tools

Joshua Ferraro jmf at liblime.com
Tue May 24 12:59:44 EDT 2005

I use vi on top of the terminal multiplexor 'screen' -- screen is
my 'remote desktop', runs on my screen server (which is always on,
except for kernel updates), meaning my workspace is exactly as I've
left it when I log in in the morning.

Vi has context-sensitive text color, tab-completion, everything
you could ever want in an editor -- but the learning curve is steep
and it's text-based. Still, my workflow using Vi running on screen
is much faster than it ever was with graphical editors. In my
experience, for coding, mice just get in the way.

Since both utilities run from the command line all you need to do to
'scp' your file is run scp from the command line in another screen
window ;-)
On Tue, May 24, 2005 at 12:27:59PM -0400, Jennifer A. Heise wrote:
> Hi! I'm looking for a free, simple web page editor that will run under 
> Linux. (No, I'm not a Linux guru; I just get my trickle-down upgrades 
> from one.) Something along the lines of Moz/Netscape Composer or 
> Macromedia Contribute.
> Emacs is not an option. (Yes, I can write in plain HTML but my content 
> flows better if I don't have to keep stopping to insert tags.) Built-in 
> SCP features would be a plus. :)
> -- Jenne Heise, LTS helpdesk
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