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Doug Payne dbp at bu.edu
Thu May 19 13:20:39 EDT 2005

Hi Catherine,

Another tool for capturing web sites is WebWhacker by
BlueSquirrel Software.

WebWhacker is at:

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Ellen McCullough wrote:

> Catherine, 
> If you're asking about capturing discrete pages of Web sites, I have a
> good software program called SnagIt
> (http://www.techsmith.com/products/snagit/default.asp). It cost about
> $50.00 and I use it to capture Web pages, sections of Web pages, etc.
> There's a feature you can use to capture a scrolling Web page as well,
> so you get the page in its entirety (vs. just the visible window).  You
> can save the files in a number of different formats (PNG, jpeg, et al.)
> I have found it very useful!  By the way, I have no professional
> affiliation with SnagIt or its parent company, TechSmith!
> Thank you, 
> Ellen
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> (Please excuse the cross-posting.)
> We are a state documents depository, collecting annual reports, 
> directories, and other kinds of documents produced by the various 
> agencies in SC. As you're aware, many of these documents are now 
> published electronically.
> Some documents are published only as an html website (including 
> directories and annual reports). Our problem is how to capture that and 
> store it so it can be accessed down the road. (At this point, I'm not 
> concerned with accessing it in the year 2038, just capturing it now.)
> How are other libraries handling this? Are there software
> recommendations?
> Thanks,
> Catherine.

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