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> From: "Thomas Dowling" <tdowling at>
> Andrew's caveat is worth heeding, but for some of us hits coming from
> non-CSS browsers is slipping under the 10% mark.  At some point (I'm not
> saying it's necessarily 10%) the amount of effort worth spending on the
> Netscape 3.x crowd isn't worth the results.  The CSS solution doesn't
> break anything for them.

Here's a few reasons why people still use Netscape 3.x instead of 4.x:

-  Faster to open
-  Easier to use for restriction to particular sites (using that fake 
proxy solution, you can exempt entire domains in 3.xx - with 4.xx you must 
specify full site names)
-  Doesn't come with as much unwanted baggage as 4.xx  

We stiill have 3.04 on some machines because of the simpler faux proxy 
server setup, but I've noticed that some faculty on campus aren't 
upgrading simply because they are waiting for the computer center to do it 
for them.  Which is probably not going to happen anytime soon, so they'll 
actually upgrade only when they get a new computer.

<sigh> Soon we won't be worth any trouble... guess we'll crawl off and eat 
some worms at the "Old Browser's Home"

Stacy Pober
Manhattan College Libraries
spober at


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