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Either Money or Kiplinger's magazine recently (last 2 months) had an
article covering this.  Most of the article was about tax software for
the home computer.

There were 4 sites mentioned.  Several of them charged a fee, up to
about 17.00, if I remember right.  All were pretty basic, some only
offering 1040EZ with limited help.  It was not a glowing endorsement.
Given the slowness of the Web at times and privacy concerns I would not
consider this.

At a public library all you can do is inform, if the user wants to waste
time, money and open themselves for possible trouble, it is up to them.

IRS forms are available for downloading for the IRS site, and that is

David Bigwood
bigwood at
Lunar & Planetary Institute

>From: 	Donna Schumann[SMTP:schumann at]
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>Subject: 	[WEB4LIB] Patrons Filing Taxes Via Web on Public PCs
>We are getting many inquiries from patrons who want to use the library PCs
>to file taxes through the web. We are interested in finding out how other
>public libraries are handling this. Specifically, what, if anything, do
>you tell patrons about the risks of using public PCs for this? We are
>concerned about cookies, and even using the "Back" button to see previous
>screens with private information. 
>Thanks in advance. 
>Donna Schumann                  Application System Specialist 
>Timberland Regional Library     360-704-4542 FAX: 360-586-6838 
>Olympia, Washington             schumann at 

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