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This was posted on the LITA-L list.  I am a member and find LITA to be
worth the cost of membership and more.  The journal, ITAL, is of very
high quality and a bargain as part of the membership.  LITA is the
primary reason I joined ALA.
Bill Drew
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LITA would like to invite you to become a member.  You are already
subscribed to the best discussion list for library IT specialists.  But
this is just the tip of the iceberg.  LITA has so much more to offer our
members and I don't want to see you missing out. 


LITA members enjoy premier access to continuing education events,
informational programming and networking opportunities.  LITA's National
Forum, Regional Institutes, Midwinter Workshops, Annual Conference
programs and preconferences, are the place for early adopters to learn
about new IT trends before the rest of the profession.  LITA members
always receive preferred pricing and early notice for these events.  


LITA interest groups are for members-only.  Developed and led by
members, this is the place for you to take the conversations from this
list into the next level.  A list of current member interest groups is
available at <>  .


Don't miss out any longer.  Membership starts at $95 for Support Staff
and $110 for Professional Staff.  Students are invited to join for $50.
And, if you are already a member of ALA, its only $60 for professional
and support staff, $25 for students as an add-on to your ALA Membership.


Go to  for more information about your professional
association or to join today.




Colby Riggs, LITA President and

Mary Taylor, LITA Executive Director



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