[WEB4LIB] Permissions from People in Photos

Ward Price wprice at panam.edu
Fri May 6 20:18:46 EDT 2005

I haven't seen the webcast.  We have pictures of library users on our home
page, and student workers "acting" in our video tour.  I always specifically
ask for permission before I put recognizable pictures on the web site, and
the students in the video all signed release forms.  It would probably be a
good idea if we did that for the people in the photos on the home page.

Ward Price

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> In working on the web site for the Idaho Center for the Book
> (http://www.lili.org/icb/), we have posted images from exhibits which
> often include bystanders, but it's just recently occurred to us that we
> maybe should not be posting images with identifiable individuals unless
> we have their permission.
> How do you you-all handle that issue?
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