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Myers, Brian MyersBW at
Wed May 18 14:16:47 EDT 2005

I'm interested in the possibility of hosting a Wiki application to
support collaborative project management, an internal
knowledge-management structure, and possibly also as a platform for
specific Website components, including an online newsletter and a few
frequently-updated pages that could be more efficiently maintained by
non-geeky staff administrators.
We're working in a Coldfusion shop. I'd be very interested in hearing
suggestions about Wiki applications that play well with Coldfusion, and
in seeing examples of any stable, user-friendly applications that you
may be hosting in a Coldfusion environment. I am aware of SeedWiki. 
I've checked for postings on this subject in the archive without
Brian W. Myers
Information Coordinator
American Bar Association
Division for Bar Services
321 N. Clark, Ste 2000
Chicago, IL 60610
Bar Cat:

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