[Web4lib] OpenURL COinS

Eric Hellman eric at openly.com
Thu Jul 28 00:18:52 EDT 2005

A group of us have been working to crystallize a spec for putting 
OpenURL metadata into HTML (following on a paper by Dan Chudnov and 
friends http://www.ariadne.ac.uk/issue43/chudnov/. )

Ross Singer came up with a catchy name for this: "COinS", short for 
ContextObject in Span. After a bunch of trials, we've declared it 
"stable enough for implementation", and put the spec at 

Version 2.0 of our OpenURL Referrer Firefox plugin adds support for 
OpenURL COinS; we hope that soon there will be many other ways that 
COinS can be put to use, as well as many sites that support COinS. 
So far there is an open-access journal, the Wikipedia Book sources 
page, Peter Binkley's Blog and a few static web pages demonstrating 
how it may be used.


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