[Web4lib] Google limit of 1,000 results

Isabel Danforth danforth at alumni.tufts.edu
Sun Jul 24 11:09:14 EDT 2005

I think the laughter had to do with the irony in the situation, i.e.,
Adam Smith saying that Google Print respects copyright when at the same
time publishers are loudly saying that Google Print may well be in
violation of copyright.

Bernie Sloan

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On 7/8/05, Karen Coyle <kcoyle at kcoyle.net> wrote:
 > K.G. Schneider wrote:
 > >Part of the fun of the Google Print/Scholar program at ALA's annual
conf was
 > >the occasional hearty laughter from the audience over comments from
 > >Google guy, who would stop cold and look up with a puzzled
expression. I'll
 > >try to dig up an example or two from my notes.
 > >
 > >
 > The one I remember was when he said that Google wanted to
 > "present the printed works from the libraries, and at the same time
 > respect copyright." (Gales of laughter)

The library community recognizes that copyright, as provided by the
constitution, is a balance struck "to promote the arts and useful
sciences", right?  Put another way, the exclusivity granted should be
the least possible to accomplish this goal.

Who can argue that the 'net has allowed access on a materially grander

I think Google Print is very much in line with the goal of libraries,
so I'd be similarly puzzled about the laughter.  I'd like to hear why
that's wrong.
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