[Web4lib] Lists of web search terms?

Jorge Serrano Cobos jorgeserrano at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 06:50:50 EDT 2005

Hi Carolyn et. al.:
 You may want to check this:
 Google AdWords Keyword Tool
 Enter a keyword, such as "engineering", and the system gives you other 
combinations of most searched expressions containing "engineering" within 
the phrase.
 You can refine the list by language and country where the searches were 
 *Important!* The Google Keyword tool will give you the most clicked 
expressions in Google adwords, not in google itself, so we are talking about 
what searched keywords gave clicks on adwords, so you may have keywords 
searched where users didn´t click and adword, just followed the natural 
links, the ones on the left side of the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) 
 So, not precisely the most searched keywords, but it can give you very good 
clues about. 
 If you wish to have a better information (such as how may times a keyword 
searched is clicked per day, in order to know what keyword or related term 
you want to use as metadata or within your text) you need to have an account 
on Google Adwords. Just a couple of months ago this information was for 
free, not anymore.
 Another similar tool is Overture, I mean, Yahoo ;-)
 This one gives you searches, not clicks on adwords, as far as I know, but 
you cannot refine the list by language and country.
 Hope this helps,
Jorge Serrano Cobos 
Information Architect
Contents department 
Personal website: http://trucosdegoogle.blogspot.com 
  2005/7/20, cruby at micron.com <cruby at micron.com>: 
> Please excuse the cross-posting.
> I am stumped on where to look for answers to a question our library 
> received. Our customer wants to know if there is a list of web search
> terms commonly used by their target audience, students currently
> enrolled as juniors and seniors at universities who are majoring in
> electrical engineering, computer engineering, chemical engineering, or 
> materials science.
> Basically, I think what my customer wants to do is add meta-tags to our
> website so that it will be one of the results when the students are
> searching the web for internships and jobs. This would supplement the 
> on campus recruiting we already do. I know that articles have been
> written on how to get people to come to your website but I've not been
> able to locate anything that addresses what kinds of terms should be
> used when designing your web site, especially for such a specific
> audience. Is there anything, to your knowledge, that might help?
> Thanks for any advice or suggestions you can provide!
> Carolyn
> Carolyn Ruby-Weilage 
> Micron Research Library
> Micron Technology
> Boise, ID
> cruby at micron.com
> 208-368-4257
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