[Web4lib] Google limit of 1,000 results

Lars Aronsson lars at aronsson.se
Sun Jul 17 06:52:02 EDT 2005

Roy Tennant wrote:
> Sometimes I need to see the hits that logically
> would show up at the bottom of Google's ranking,

Really?  Can you give an example of a situation like that?

If a database provider offers full text access to every law of 
every state in the U.S., then I can see the point in finding all 
4711 law sections that mention "alcohol" or to learn that the 
first law to mention "weblogs" was passed in Texas in April 2007.  
This is where "every hit" means something, because the end of the 
collection is well defined, and we are able to know "all" 
documents that fit in this collection.  But what is the end of the 
World Wide Web?  Which webpage is "the last one"?

Can we define the end of the web, i.e. can we have knowledge about 
every webpage that exists?  And is finding the last webpage 
meaningful even if we can't define the end of the web?

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