[Web4lib] OpenSearch, Koha, and Library Catalogs

Elizabeth Thomsen et at noblenet.org
Fri Jul 15 18:46:15 EDT 2005

> > Of course, this is largely moot, as no one actually uses A9.
> Hey! :-). I've actually grown attached to it.

And some of us are really into the A9 Yellow Pages, with that amazing 
collection of photographs taken by SUVs driving around various cities with 
rooftop cameras!  I love being able to see storefronts, and browse my way 
up and down the street:

And some of the images are interesting as found art.  (It's like the
famous monkeys eventually typing the works of Shakespeare-- there are so
many A9 photographs, some of them were bound to catch something
wonderful!)  Over on Flickr, you'll find the tags a9 and a9local.  A9 has
been compared to pop artist Ed Ruscha's work, "Every Building on the
Sunset Strip"

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