[Web4lib] OpenSearch, Koha, and Library Catalogs

Ross Singer ross.singer at library.gatech.edu
Fri Jul 15 17:44:56 EDT 2005

To be fair, Talis also has OpenSearch support.  In fact, I believe this 
was the first ILS to create an OpenSearch interface.

Georgia Tech has created OpenSearch support for Voyager, as well.

Also in the list are Evergreen, CDL's Melvyl, and Michigan State (Aleph?).

Of course, this is largely moot, as no one actually uses A9.


Joshua Ferraro wrote:

>Have folks looked at A9's OpenSearch?
>If library vendors add support for OpenSearch it allows
>users to include library results in the list of results
>returned from their queries on A9.com.
>Koha currently supports OpenSearch. If you want to see
>an example of what it looks like add Nelsonville Public
>Library to your 'columns' in A9 and you'll start getting 
>Nelsonville's results on your searches.
>BTW: So far as I know, Koha was the second ILS to support
>the standard (Innovative beat us by a few days ;-)). But
>note that the services offered with Koha's version of
>OpenSearch include placing reserves, and performing
>author searches, etc. To compare III and Koha's support 
>of OpenSearch add the Seattle Public Library to your 
>list of columns.
>Just something else that I thought might be interesting to
>add to the discussion and maybe pull folks off the Google
>topic ;-).

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