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Sloan, Bernie bernies at uillinois.edu
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Jennifer said:

"Google isn't a library based Web server, service or application, is

No, but it's a web-based service or application that has had (and will
continue to have) a tremendous real/potential impact on the web-based
services that libraries offer. Close enough for me.

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Sloan, Bernie wrote:

>Jeremy said:
>"And what's with the Google fetish, anyway?  Isn't this list supposed
>be about using the web to the benefit of libraries?"
>I'm confused. How is Google NOT related to using the web for the
>of libraries?
 From the Web4Lib website:
"The *Web4Lib* electronic discussion is for the discussion of issues 
relating to the creation, management, and support of library-based 
World-Wide Web servers, services, and applications. "

Google isn't a library based Web server, service or application, is it? 
While I don't think we shouldn't talk about Google, the list in general 
seems to spend a lot more time on Google discussions than on 'how we can

improve library-based servers, services and applications.

Now, if people want to talk about the possiblity of using the Google 
local search product on their library-based website and whether that 
provides an acceptable level of service, that'd be fascinating.

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