[Web4lib] CSS Problems

Jeph Remley jremley at lms.kent.edu
Fri Jul 15 11:24:13 EDT 2005

Looks like the vertical line is actually attached to the .contents_box 
(with the books image and "How to Find a Book at the Library" etc text), 
  and the .next_box (which has "begin>>" in it) ALSO has a border-left 
style.  So these are each getting a blue line on their left side.

You might consider removing the border-left from the .next_box, and move 
the .next_box div inside the .contents_box (just after the closing table 
tag).  See if that gets you on the right track.

You could also get rid of border-left on the .contents_box and instead 
put the same style as border-right on the .sidebar (containing the 
navigation), but it's more likely your .contents_box will alway be 
longer than the navigation, and the blue line is only going to be as 
long as the div it's attached to...  If you put it on the .sidebar, 
you'll probably find it doesn't always extend as far down as the content 
of the page.  (This is the quick and simple explanation - there are more 
involved ways to achieve this, but your quick and easy method that 
should work most of the time is to just have the border-left blue line 
on the .contents_box and do away with the .next_box blue line)

Jeph Remley
Libraries & Media Services
Kent State University

Rachel Vidrine wrote:
> I am using a page as a template and modifying it to fit my own information. It was created (not by me) entirely in CSS (instead of tables), and I am experiencing some problems. When adding items to the menu on the left, the vertical divider line (between the menu and main content) and bottom horizontal menu appear to shift (when viewed in Internet Explorer). I can't figure out why. I also can't even figure out what part of the style sheet is creating the divider line.
> The URL: http://www.waketech.edu/~library/tutorials/
> (If it asks for a user name and password, they are library and dewey.)
> The style sheet is located at http://www.waketech.edu/~library/tutorials/style.css
> Perhaps someone more proficent than I at CSS can tell me what is causing this.
> Thanks!
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