[Web4lib] Dreamweaver: drop-down jump menu rpoblem

Sarah Hood shood at colacoll.edu
Fri Jul 8 09:39:43 EDT 2005

Howdy folks:

I am an accidental webmaster working on a 'new look' for our library's
website. One of the things I like about our current (soon-to-be old)
site is the drop down menu at the bottom of most of the site's pages
that allows the user to jump to another page. I like how it's set up, so
I figured I'd cut-and-paste it to the new page. But the 'links' don't
work: when I select where I want to go (World Wide Web Resources, for
example), I just get an Error of Page message. So I tried just
re-creating the jump menu from scratch on my new page, but still the
same problem. 

I'm kind of learning this webmaster thing on the seat of my pants as I
go, so I'm certain I'm doing (or not doing) something really obvious.
Any ideas what it might be? 

Here are the links if anyone wants to check it out and look at my code.

Current site, where the drop down jump menus work fine:

'New' version of same page, where the drop down menus won't take the
user to the desired page location:


Sarah Hood
User Services Librarian/Webmaster
J. Drake Edens Library
Columbia College
(803) 786-3703
(803) 786-3570

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