[Web4lib] Re: Web4lib Search Engine Question

Linda Chenoweth lchenoweth at mail.wtamu.edu
Tue Jul 5 12:12:01 EDT 2005

I'm on digest, so apologies if this has already been mentioned, but I've
used Vivisimo: http://vivisimo.com/
Your example on mercury returned
mercury (207)
+⇨Planet (20)
+⇨Ford (13)
+⇨Program (12)
+⇨Project (10)
+⇨Vehicles (9)
+⇨Fish, FDA (9)
+⇨Goal (5)
+⇨Manufacturer (8)
+⇨Roman, God (8)
+⇨Sale (8)
Hope this helps.
Linda Chenoweth
Reference Librarian, WTAMU

>>I am looking for a search engine that produce a set of threads as a result
of a query. I know that there is one, but cannot locate it in my files.

For example - perform a search on the world mercury

It would produce a list of links related to mercury the planet, mercury the
car, mercury the god, etc.

Can anyone point me to such a search engine/


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