[Web4lib] get rid of the www?

Thomas Edelblute TEdelblute at anaheim.net
Fri Jul 1 13:30:03 EDT 2005

 True, but the first element really identifies which machine on your
domain is handling the request.  Ipac.anaheim.net is our Internet Public
Access Catalog and photo.anaheim.net is a photo server, etc.. 

Thomas Edelblute
Anaheim Public Library

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Actually, there was even a time when the www prefix was not
standardized.  Many places who laumched early sites on the Web, circa
March 1993, including Michigan State, went with the form "web.msu.edu".

Back then, the folks at CERN also spelled it "World-Wide Web" instead of
"World Wide Web".  Today, a lot of folks, especially in Europe, won't
even hit the shift key to say "Web"....


On 7/1/05, William Melody <w-melody at northwestern.edu> wrote:
> Nina,
> both URLs absolutely should be pointing to the same place.  
> www.foo.bar and foo.bar are meant to be the same thing in a web 
> browser.  the www was just originally to distinguish it as a web 
> request rather than a mail or ftp request, but it's really unnecessary

> and, to many people, outdated.  Having them point to two different 
> places is a big mistake and non-standard, so I'd say changing the 
> catalog URL to something unique and more appropriate, like
catalog.georgetown.edu, should be a priority.
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