[Web4lib] get rid of the www?

Richard Wiggins richard.wiggins at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 11:39:36 EDT 2005

I agree, especially about mapping two domain names that look alike to
different sites.   I think both forms should work in all cases. 
www.cnn.com and cnn.com should work.

I think it is particularly bad if www.yyy.org and yyy.org go to
different Web sites.  That often makes sense for the administrators
due to historical reasons, but it makes no sense at all to patrons.

By the way, on letterhead and the like, I think you should either
include the www.yyy.org form, or include the http:// prefix, or both.


On 7/1/05, Thomas Dowling <tdowling at ohiolink.edu> wrote:

> IMO, it's just a matter of local taste whether your web site's published
> domain is foo.org or www.foo.org, or both.  The two should probably map
> to the same site (or have one redirect to the other) because you can't
> prevent users from treating them as synonymous.  It's foolhardy to have
> *different* web sites at foo.org and www.foo.org, as your professor is
> justified in pointing out.  Is this really the first time anyone has
> complained about it?

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