[web4lib] Laptop security

Elena OMalley Elena_OMalley at emerson.edu
Tue Feb 1 12:54:10 EST 2005

> Our library recently received laptops for student use. The problem is that students are only allowed to use the laptops 
> within the library. I am seeking any information on security devices that can be used on the laptops to prevent students 
> from exiting the library with them. Our library has four floors all of which have wireless access. Any products, companies, 
> or ideas would be welcome.


We use the same 3M Tattle Tape that we use on our books. We slide them under keys on the keyboard and also on the battery packs. Essentially, wherever they're out of sight and they can fit. We also darken the strips with markers so that they are less visible under the keyboard. 

If you haven't already done so, you might want to post your question on SYSLIB-L or search its archives as well. 

Good luck with your project.
Elena O'Malley, Head of Library Computer and Internet Services
Emerson College Library, Boston, MA 02116

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