[WEB4LIB] Re: Hold Everything! Google Scholar *Preferences*

Binkley, Peter Peter.Binkley at ualberta.ca
Thu Feb 17 14:40:47 EST 2005

It looks like they're only building an openurl if they have an
identifier such as a doi or a PubMed id to put in it.  Pretty primitive
compared to where Ross has taken Wag the Dog. But maybe we should fix
the plugin to spot those Google-generated openurl links, replace the
text anchor with your institution's button, and insert Wag the Dog's
link in the same position if Google doesn't supply one. (Not that I have
time to do any of this...)


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> I feel suddenly without a purpose.
> Andrew K. Pace wrote:
> >Web4Lib-ers,
> >Anyone seen Google Scholar today?  There's a new "Preferences 
> ><http://scholar.google.com/scholar_preferences?prev=/>" section.
> >Now if you are lucky enough to have your institution listed, 
> you will 
> >get a link to your resolver within your hitlist results.
> >Interestingly, the firefox extension trumps this link, I 
> can't really 
> >discern the logic of when the resolver link appears and when it 
> >doesn't.  I've only been looking at this for 5 minutes, but I don't 
> >think I like this direction.  Wouldn't it be better if Google simply 
> >tried to send back the openURL so that extensions and bookmarklets 
> >would work properly?  I think they are using DOI and OCLC# 
> to build the 
> >links to various resolvers.  Are they going to offer every 
> library's resolver
> >here?   There's an idea, Google as the authoritative list of 
> link resolvers!
> >-Andrew
> >
> >  
> >

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