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How great to read about Fiona's radio show and the growth of podcasting on
the first day of our own return to the airwaves here at Springfield College
(MA)....My co-host and fellow reference librarian James Miller and I have a
weekly show on the campus radio station, called Schoolhouse Rock, where we
talk about library services and information resources, especially Web
resources, and play music as well.

Our blog, with playlists and links we discuss, is at

The blog is a necessity because, well, reading URLs over the air is
definitely not the best way to hook people up with websites. We discuss
both licensed and free resources, weighted a little more toward free since
the airwaves don't discriminate between "authorized users" and the general
public. A couple of our more successful shows have dealt with topics such
as plagiarism and Internet filtering.

Our campus radio station doesn't webcast, unfortunately, but podcasting is
an intriguing idea for the show. We'd have to deal with copyright issues
due to the music we play. We do burn shows onto CD, and we've shared them
with campus departments and even used them in student worker training.

If you have access to a radio station, this can be a lot of fun.

sorry, I know this isn't Radio4Lib. Fiona, I'd love to hear more about your
show, off-list if that's more appropriate.

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How do you define podcast? Do you only include links via enclosures and
RSS? If so, then Greg is the first.

Otherwise, I used to have a weekly library news show on public radio
and made it available for download each week before RSS came along, in
RealAudio because I didn't have the bandwidth for MP3 at the time. This
was from 2001-2003.

People used to laugh when I told them I had a show about libraries on
radio ("what could there be to talk about?"), but when I told them that
it was all about government policy, copyright, access to information
etc, they all tuned in! And it was in prime time, no less. ;)


>>> "K.G. Schneider" <kgs at bluehighways.com> 2/02/2005 5:18:10 am >>>
I have been looking around and I believe Greg Schwartz of Open Stacks
claim the first librarian podcasts, q.v.:


(It's possible I'm first runner-up in the Podcasting Librarian
since I did one early this morning on Free Range Librarian, but in
terms of
the historical benchmark, does anyone have earlier examples than

Karen G. Schneider
kgs at bluehighways.com

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