[WEB4LIB] Reported EBSCO database problems with Firefox

Thomas Dowling tdowling at ohiolink.edu
Wed Feb 23 13:05:41 EST 2005

Char!ie wrote:

> One of our librarians tried to troubleshoot this with EBSCO with the last
> response being:
> "..It seems there is a common problem with everyone across the board from
> Yahoo to EBSCO with Mozilla,
> Firefox or Netscape and Tech Support suggested using Internet Explorer to
> see if it resolved the problem. ."

"There's a common problem, but we won't tell you what it is."  A snarky
tech support way of not saying how easily fixable such a problem would
be and how deeply entrenched they are with Microsoft-only solutions, all
while condescendingly inferring that you aren't bright enough to
understand the problem if they did explain it.

Ask them to document the issue in detail and give an estimate of when
they'll fix it (or, what percentage of their users need to be on Firefox
before they'll take it seriously).

Thomas Dowling
tdowling at ohiolink.edu

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