Critiquing Google (from a library perspective)

Sloan, Bernie bernies at
Tue Feb 15 14:47:01 EST 2005

Samuel Trosow of the University of Western Ontario made the following
comment on the liblicense list, regarding the library community's
reaction to various Google initiatives:

"For the most part, Google is seen as some sort of savior, and most of
the reaction from the library community has been uncritical."

I'm interested in hearing critical comments about Google and its
initiatives, from the perspective of how these initiatives have the
potential to impact libraries and library services. Feel free to
contribute your own comments, or to point me to the comments of others.

I'll begin by alerting you to Roy Tennant's column in the new (February
15) issue of Library Journal:

Tennant, Roy. Google Out of Print. Library Journal, 130(3). February 15,

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