[WEB4LIB] Bloglines - Ask Jeeves has acquired Bloglines

K.G. Schneider kgs at bluehighways.com
Tue Feb 8 14:27:04 EST 2005

> It will be interesting to see what this does to free blogging.
> Bill Drew

My hunch is not that much in either direction; there are so many places to
do free blogging already, such as Blogger. 

As an easy, free web-based aggregator, I've liked Bloglines, but it has some
limitations. I don't know what will happen now that it's Gone Jeevey, but if
I had my druthers I'd rather have a web- or browser-based aggregator that
could come bundled with a brief tutorial, a default webpage, and a built-in
list of feeds we recommend. 

Gee, I was thinking about that in terms of feeds for lii.org plus a handful
of selected feeds, but an interesting project would be to take all 16k sites
in LII and extract such feeds as the related URLs made discoverable. "RSS
you can trust." Hmmm.

Anyway, my custom-aggregator idea sounds as if it might be something Firefox
would enable, if someone coded it. Does it?

Karen G. Schneider
kgs at bluehighways.com

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