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cruby at micron.com cruby at micron.com
Fri Aug 19 11:22:13 EDT 2005


Please excuse the cross-posting but I need to reach as many of you as

We are investigating adding IEEExplore or at least IEEE Enterprise to
our electronic resources.  Our legal department is having some trouble
with a clause in the contract that says "Licensee acknowledges that IEEE
is not responsible for the accuracy of any information or data contained
in the database, and IEEE shall not be liable for any losses resulting
from Licensee's or any authorized user's reliance on any such
information or data under any circumstances."

Is this standard for publishers to have such a clause in their
contracts?  I don't believe we have encountered it with our contracts
for other electronic resources.  How have you dealt with such a clause?
Was your institution willing to accept that clause or did you find a way
to get it modified to something more acceptable to your organization?

Thanks for any insight you can give on this issue.


Carolyn Ruby-Weilage
Micron Research Library
Micron Technology
Boise, ID
cruby at micron.com

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