[Web4lib] Outside disk usage

Josh Stompro stomproj at larl.org
Tue Aug 16 17:06:43 EDT 2005

We worried about the external bits of our single IMac walking away when 
we first got it so we used zip ties to bind the cables to the case, 
haven't had any problems.  You could do something like that with the usb 
cables, ziptie them to the fan output grill or some other part you can 
get the tie around.  The patron would need to get down and cut the tie 
to get the cable.

Beatrice Pulliam wrote:

> We've had about ninety percent of our extender cables pinched since 
> we've begun using them (older PCs with USB ports in the back). Anyone 
> experimenting with USB hubs?
> Beatrice

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