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Leo Robert Klein leo at leoklein.com
Mon Aug 8 13:58:24 EDT 2005

Rose Pose wrote:
> Can anyone tell me how RSS can improve library services? Thank you

I think, beyond the technology itself, what's important to keep in mind 
is that you are actually syndicating your information.  You're pushing 
it out.

A number of people have already come up with examples -- library news, 
current awareness, new titles, etc.  It really is a step forward not to 
require your users to have to go your site, to your system, or whatever, 
to pry this information out of you.  (Though naturally there are 
advantages and disadvantages to every form of dissemination.)

Even better, once you syndicate that information, in a sense you lose 
control of it!  Your users can mix and match the information (at least 
theoretically), combining not only your library news but all the library 
news from all the libraries in your network/consortium/region.  And 
that's a darn powerful thing.


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