[Web4lib] Seamless search across Monographs and Electronic resources

Michael McCulley drweb at san.rr.com
Mon Aug 1 22:05:27 EDT 2005

There are at least two (2) fundamental ways you can do this, and they are
not mutually exclusive:

 a) Most vendors of electronic resources (commercial, not such much with
Open Source) will provide you with MARC records for your titles and
resources; these can then be input into the catalog, and when searching,
users find "links" (856 MARC Field) to your electronic titles. This does
*not* provide access to article or abstract level information -- only to
title level.

 b) Metasearch or federated search tools, such as WebFeat
(http://www.webfeat.org/) -- which we use at SDPL, provide access to your
catalog *and* other electronic resources. This can provide article level
searching, or titles, depending upon the terms the user(s) provide as input.
Serials Solutions has come out with a federated tool, known as Central
Search. See also the new product from Bowker for metasearching multiple

Hope this helps a bit..


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>Hi, All:
>We are looking into extending our OPAC to search across 
>electronic resources 
>as well as monographs seamlessly (of course with an option to 
>the patrons if 
>they wish to choose).
>We would like to know if your librray does provide such a 
>search facility?  
>if so what are issues we should be concerned with to implement such a 
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