UNLV Libraries launches "Southern Nevada and Las Vegas: History in Maps" website

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Tue Oct 26 17:46:55 EDT 2004

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UNLV Libraries launches "Southern Nevada and Las Vegas:  History in Maps"

The UNLV Libraries is proud to announce the launching of "Southern Nevada
and Las Vegas:  History in Maps," a digital project featuring over 80
historical maps from the UNLV Libraries Special Collections Department,
documenting the cartographic history and context of southern Nevada,
telescoping in scale from the Western Hemisphere to the streets of Las
Vegas. Maps were selected to highlight the collection, both in terms of
individually important maps and in the breadth and variety of the
collection.  These maps provide not only a history of the region through
its changing political boundaries, but also a history of map-making and the
development of the cartographic knowledge of this area. The website is
available at http://www.library.unlv.edu/maps/index.html.

This digital exhibit is meant to supplement and enhance the "Nevada History
in Maps" digital website by the University of Nevada, Reno already
available at http://www.delamare.unr.edu/maps/digitalcollections/nvhistory/
.  UNR's website focuses on maps of northern Nevada, while this new website
features maps showcasing southern Nevada.  Both websites were developed
using the CONTENTdm management system.

These maps were digitized in the Web and Digitization Services Department
of the UNLV Libraries.  Other current web, digitization, and digital
projects can be viewed at http://www.library.unlv.edu/wds/.

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