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D.H. Mattison dmattison at shaw.ca
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October 29, 2004

Thanks very much for this opening Gary and Corey: I am working on an article
for Searcher magazine, a product comparison of sorts between Open WorldCat
and RedLightGreen. I'd love to hear your comments on your Open WorldCat or
RedLightGreen experiences. If you want to be quoted by name or remain
anonymous, let me know.

Search tools such as those cited on Steven Cohen's Library Stuff blog
(Jessamyn, Andrea and Michael Fagan's bookmarklet) and Corey Murata's
efforts are of great interest to me and Searcher's readers.

If you want to remain anonymous, please contact me offlist, otherwise, if
you post replies to WEB4LIB, I'll assume you're ok with being identified by
name in the article.


David Mattison
Victoria, BC, Canada
dmattison at shaw.ca
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