Tagging html pages

Tomas Baiget baiget at sarenet.es
Wed Oct 27 13:05:55 EDT 2004


I have to tag all the pages of our website (a regional statistical office)
with a javascript code in order an official audience audit company can certify the number of visits we receive.
We have to tag about 25 sections of our website, each one with a different code (one code per section). This will allow us to have officially audited not only the total number of pages visited but also to have statistics for the sections.

We have about 10 databases but also a few thousands of html pages.

We have just installed GoLive 6 Web Working Group, but still don't know it very much, in tasks other than editing html pages one by one.

Can you give me some advice about how to tag all the html pages? Is GoLive 6 OK? Do I need a CMS?

Pls note: 
1. The tagging has to be carried out in a newly designed web site (still internal), but with similar information to the one above.
2. We are going to have Webtrends for a more selective set of statistics.

Thank you for your help.

Tomàs Baiget
Statistical Inst. of Catalonia
Barcelona, Spain

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