[WEB4LIB] Perl editor

Brandon Dennis bdennis at shreve-lib.org
Wed Oct 27 12:23:53 EDT 2004

That's a somewhat loaded question.  Kind of like "What's the best web
browser to use?"  Everyone will have their own opinion.
Personally, I continue to use TextPad (http://www.textpad.com) for
nearly everything that's not a huge project.  It's straightforward,
great text controls, and very fluid in extensive features (like regular
expression searches, search in files, compare, etc.)  I just like that
it puts the focus on the text instead of jumbling my screen with tons of
icons which I rarely use.
For larger projects I use Macromedia's HomeSite nearly exclusively.  It
_does_ jumble the screen with a bunch of icons which I rarely use, but
it has a lot of slick tricks up its sleeve.
You may want to take a look at http://www.activeperl.com/ since they
have a variety of Perl IDE programs and you can install it on your local
system to test the scripts before putting them on your web server.  Or
you could check Tucows or http://www.perl.org/ for other options.
There's a lot of good development freeware out there, but I haven't seen
anything to replace my toolbox yet.  TextPad is about $30 and HomeSite
is about $100.  Best of luck!  Apostrophes and semi-colons are the bane
of all programmers.  Oh, and nested brackets.  And parentheses.  And
language in general, actually.

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	Greetings, all,
	Can anyone recommend a free/cheap text editor for Perl?  (I'm a
	and I just spent a week troubleshooting a cgi script for what
turned out
	to be one missing apostrophe.)

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