Downloading video clips from the web

Tenglund, Ann ATENG at
Thu Oct 21 11:32:17 EDT 2004

Does anyone have any tips on downloading video clips from the Web?
We have a student who needs to capture clips from John Kerry's Web site at .  She needs to use a couple of his commercials in her thesis (which is being done in video format).  She wrote to them and received permission to use the commercials--in fact, they said that she and anyone else was free to download and use anything that was there.
However, we are having no luck in saving it to disk for her to use.  We are at the point now where we are going to have to try a digital camera to film it while it plays on the site, but it just seems that there should be a better way.
Any advice would be very much appreciated!
Ann M. Tenglund
Coordinator of Library Computer Services and Library Instruction
Friedsam Memorial Library
St. Bonaventure University
St. Bonaventure, NY  14778
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