[WEB4LIB] Blogging Conferences

David King DavidKing at kclibrary.org
Fri Oct 8 13:43:27 EDT 2004

> * Has anyone at the state or regional/national level tried to organize
or formalize 
> this process? If so, how did you do that and how well did it work?

SLA did that last year, to some extent, at http://www.infotodayblog.com/
- it was more of a highlights blog.

> * If you are a blogger, what do you need at a conference site to
facilitate your 
> blogging at a session or after?

For blogging at a session - wireless access of some sort.

> * Are there currently any sites that provide links to the various 
> library conference presentations? If not, is that a resource that 
> people would be interested in seeing? Myself personally, I would 
> love to be able to quickly review presentations from conferences 
> like ALA, PLA, LITA, CIL, Internet Librarian, etc. If blog comments 
> could be added to such a resource, I think it would be even better.

CIL and Internet Librarian offer this after the conference, as do some
regional conferences. Very useful!

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