The Future

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>From "The Blended Librarian" in the July/August C&RL News:
"Microsoft is pursuing and creating partnerships with all of our traditional
information vendors for direct linkages from their ubiquitous Office
software to full-text databse content that will allow end-users to bypass
our libraries with the click of a mouse button."

I saw similar (non-MS) software in action several years ago at a
post-graduate military school library.

I don't have a crystal ball, but IF this takes off, it could greatly impact
the way libraries do business with information aggregators, and would have a
huge impact on the use of library websites.

And then there is federated searching software.

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 ...if some of you who are on the cutting edge or have a clear
crystal ball are willing to share some insights I'd very much appreciate
it. What do you think is coming in technology in general and
specifically in library technology. ...

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